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Pawesome Pets: The Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat in winter scenery

We like to joke in our family that Pickles is actually a Norwegian Forest Cat (she’s not). Partly because she looks like a miniature version of one and partly because we wish she was one. I decided to take a deeper look into this beautiful cat breed and it was not disappointing!

The Norwegian Forest Cat originates from Northern Europe and is the official cat of Norway. It's also believed to be the preferred cat of Vikings! Can you imagine this cat with his strong claws and thick fur coat, sailing the seas exploring, trading and raiding? I could... if only it didn’t sleep 16-20hrs a day.

"Mew guys go on this raid without me, I want to finish my nap." -The Viking Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is not thought to be the cat of Vikings for nothing. They are big and strongly built cats, weighing 5-10kg and measuring 30-45cm long. Under their thick water-shedding fur coat hides a broad chest and long muscular legs. This breed can be found in a variety of colors such as; white, black, blue, red, cream, silver, golden, red, cameo, tortoiseshell, blue cream and brown. Paired with beautiful piercing eyes in shades of green or gold, this breed is stunning in appearance. 

As a kitten The Norwegian Forest Cat may not be the easiest to train. Their ‘kitten’ stage can last up to 5 years. They are known to be very energetic in their youth. Training, a lot of exercise, room to roam and many many many toys (which we can gladly provide you with in our shop hehe) will be needed. They tend to be very territorial cats causing them to be very shy and timid around strangers or high energy pets. When up and about they are very interactive cats that enjoy being part of a family and playing games. They love to climb and need high places to perch and survey their kingdom, so make sure to provide them with a cat tree (or cat highway?!). They can be both independent and affectionate. This breed is not known to be a ‘lap cat’ but can be called affectionate as they tend to form strong bonds with their parents. They make a life long companion with a life expectancy of 14-16years.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is known for its beautiful, thick and water-resistant coat. As a pet owner you will not need to bathe it, but it will require your help combing. This thick beautiful coat needs to be brushed at least once a week and up to 3 times a week during the shedding season (spring and winter). They need regular dental care and help cleaning discharge from their eyes. They prefer a high protein diet and can be very fussy about having a clean litter box. Considering that these cats are huge, you may want to buy a large litter box! 

I am now more in love with the Norwegian Forest Cat than ever before. Not only are they a strong muscular cat (the cat of Vikings?!), but they are interactive and love to play. They also have a soft gentle side as they form strong bonds with their parents and make lifelong companions (how cute is that?). True, their kitten antics can be much, but this can easily be overlooked when you think about all that adorable fluff!

portrait of a tabby norwegian forest cat relaxing in the garden

Let the Cattus Team know in the comments if you have a Norwegian Forest Cat. Does this description seem accurate? Also, comment which animal breed you would like to see us to research next!

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