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Cattus Helpline: My can't wont drink water. What should I do?

Hi pet lovers! If your cat is anything like Pickles, then maybe you're worried about satisfying your fussy friend’s hydration needs. Being concerned about how much water your cat drinks is reasonable. Dehydration can lead to kidney trouble and other dangerous symptoms. Our feline friends are just like humans, they rely on water to keep their vital organs working. Cats are also small animals and can easily become dehydrated especially in warmer climates. If you are concerned that your cat has become dehydrated please contact a veterinarian for medical attention. But, if you're just like me, and notice your cat is very picky about it’s drinking habits, then here are a few tips and tricks.

It’s not unlike cats to be fussy, let’s face it they’re cats! They tend to be peculiar about a lot of things, that’s what makes them such fun and interesting pets. You may be surprised that cats don’t actually need a lot of water. They are very small and it doesn’t take much to keep them hydrated. An average 4kg cat needs to drink around 200ml of water each day. Also, if your cat eats wet food then it’s already getting a good amount of hydration from it. In general your cat will drink if it’s thirsty, but there are a few things you can do to help or encourage it to drink more.

Tip #1 Find the right bowl for your cat - It could be that your cat simply doesn’t like it’s bowl! Switch it up and try a ceramic, glass, stainless steel or plastic bowl instead. Just make sure it’s comfortable for your cat. 

Tip #2 Provide fresh flowing water sources - Cats like fresh water, make sure to clean out their bowls frequently. You can also add ice cubes to your cat’s water, to give it a little alpine flair. Don’t be afraid to provide multiple water sources, maybe even a cat fountain?

Tip #3 Find the right location for drinking - Your cat wants to feel safe and can be sensitive to smells. Cats can also feel vulnerable when crouched down to eat or drink. Try to find a quiet spot, away from noise. Due to their strong sense of smell, place the bowl away from food, litter or trash. Your little paranoid friend might confuse these smells and think the water is contaminated and not safe to drink.

Tip #4 Provide Tasty Water - Tap water often can smell of chlorine, this could be deterring  your cat. You may want to try bottled or filtered water. You can also spice things up by adding tuna juice, chicken broth, or beef broth.

Tip #5 Hydrate your cat through food - If your cat eats dry food, try feeding them several smaller meals throughout the day to keep them from getting overly thirsty after a big meal. Your cat might enjoy having a little broth added to their dry food (Kitty Chowder anybody?). Feeding your cat wet food may be the fastest way to get them hydrated. Besides that there are lots of hydrating treats like tuna ice cubes!


I hope that these tips were useful! Please comment below which one you like best and/or if you’ve ever tried any of these yourself. Was it successful? Let us know!

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