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Cattus Top 5: Fluffiest Cat Breeds

While recently researching The Norwegian Forest Cat for another blog post, I was shocked by how fluffy it was! I thought to myself, could this be the fluffiest cat in the world? I went on a mission, searching the internet high and low, seeking out the world's fluffiest cats. Much cuteness was found. Here, in no particular order, are my votes for Top 5 Fluffiest Cats.

Maine Coon

The official cat of the state of Maine is not only possibly the fluffiest cat in the world but it’s CHONKY! The Maine Coon can grow to be 48-101cm long. They have big silky coats which vary in length. These coats are usually found in tabby coat colors (but they can also be known to have solid black, red, tortoiseshell and calico colors too). To maximize fluffiness the Maine Coon also has a big bushy tail, tufted toes and ears. Not only are they a beautiful regal cat breed, but they also are very skilled mouse hunters.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Here is another fluffy mammoth of a cat! The Norwegian Forest Cat has a big sturdy body, long legs and it’s covered in the most beautiful silky fur. It also had a wooly undercoat making it look chonkier than it actually is (it’s so fluffy I just want to squeeze it!). These breeds come in all kinds of colors like; white, black, blue, red, cream, silver, golden, red, cameo, tortoiseshell, blue cream and brown. These fluff masters tend to form strong bonds with their owners and make for lifelong companions!


The Persian is a very old cat breed, stemming all the way back to Mesopotamia (which was later known as Persian and is modern day Iran). These relaxed and easy going cats enjoy laying in your lap, getting pets and having their soft soft fur brushed. Their shiny coats can be found in an endless variety of colors and patterns. Peke-face Persians are known to have an extremely flat face, as opposed to the old-fashioned “doll-face” Persians which are less flat looking. These beautiful fluffy felines are quiet, affectionate and sweet cats.



Native to forest in Russia comes another fluffy contender. The Siberian has a fluffy and soft triple coat which comes in all sorts of colors and combinations with or without white. This breed is chatty, affectionate and playful. It is known to be fascinated with water and enjoy interactive play. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they are also very smart! Known to be intelligent problem solvers.


All the way from California and related to the Ragdoll is the Ragamuffin. Beautiful in appearance and temperament. This breed has soft dense fur coats which can be found in any color. Ragamuffins also have big cheeks and walnut shaped eyes. They are known as the teddy bear of cats because of their chilled nature and love of snuggling! The Ragamuffin also has a playful side. This breed loves to play fetch and follow you around the house. Fluffy, sweet and playful? This kitty may have it all!

What do you think of our picks? Which one gets your vote for fluffiest cat breed? Let me know in the comments.

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