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Entry #4: The Near Death Experience

Dear Diary,
Today was the most traumatic day of my entire life!!! The giant wooden flap called 'door' attacked me for no reason! This is how it happened; It was late at night and Meowmy finally comes home after having abandoned me. I hear her coming up the stairs towards the apartment and so I waited at the 'door' as usual. It opens, and because Meowmy's hands are full the door stays open longer than usual. It occurred to me that this is the purrrfect time to make my escape. I bolt for it! But too slow!! The giant wooden flap closes in on me and I find myself in the grips of death! I wail like I have never wailed before! Meowmy panics, she can't see me because it's dark... she drops everything and fumbles for the lights. She looks around the room to find me, and then she sees my cute fluffy behind stuck in tge door! It was terrifying... but I did get extra cuddles, treats and pets that night! Will I try again? Definitely. Will I success? Only time will tell.
TYYL Diary

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