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Entry #5: Playtime with Meowmy

Dear Diary,

Let me tell you about this pawsome playtime routine I go going! My day involves 2 playtimes. Morning play starts with Meowmy. I meow purrrsistently until she tosses my favorite ball across the apartment. I like to sprint for it and do this 'slip into the wall' trick. She thinks it's so funny! That makes her more willing to walk across the apartment to pick up my to and toss is back to the other side of the apartment. We do this a few times until get tired. Then, I'll go lay down in my favorite spot in the middle of the room. I still like to watch Meowmy play and don't want her to stop, so I'll give a few butt wiggles and make my eye look really big. Then, she thinks I am still playing! Sometimes I can keep this up for a good 10 minutes!!! Did I mention this game is best played before she's had her coffee? Next Entry I'll tell you all about the evening plat with Cat Dad!


TYYL Diary



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